Continuing projects

Following the 2018-2019 competition

The competition topic was “Rethinking Climate Change and Planetary Politics”. From the three winning teams some projects are now being put into action. The team that placed third in the second semester of 2019/20 – Millie Sutton and Charlotte Evans – are conducting a trial of a module they designed and created: Training in Environmental Sustainability Action (TESA). Building on their Global Challenges ethos that everyone’s actions make a difference, this compulsory mini module will be delivered to all matriculating students at St Andrews. It will introduce local and global sustainability and create a springboard to further action.

Since the end of the competition Millie and Lottie have worked with their Mentor Dr Cath Jones, and the University Environment and Transition teams, in order to develop fun, engaging content which aims to inform students how to live more sustainably while they are within and outwith St Andrews. This team has worked to present their idea to the Sustainability in the Curriculum Committee Team, conduct a content review with academics across the university, and gained approval from the Registry Office. In May and June 2020 they trialled the module with students, in June they will be working to trial and further review the contents with staff across the university and will then be working towards implementation at matriculation in September 2020.

Also, they are currently seeking external research funding for a second element of their project, a sustainable lifestyle app, and hope to continue to develop and launch this in the next few years.

If you are interested in their work, please contact Millie Sutton ( or Charlotte Evans ( by email.